In Acceptance Lies Peace

If I have to boast, I will boast of what pertains to my weakness (2 Corinthians 11:30 NAS).

One of Joan’s heroes is Elisabeth Elliot. One of Joan’s favorite quotes from Elisabeth Elliot is, “In acceptance lies peace”. I thought of this quote Tuesday morning while meeting with a friend for breakfast. We were rewinding the year and discussing the possibilities for 2011. During our conversation we began to talk about what we felt were our own inadequacies, where and how we’ve failed in our walk with Christ, and our personality quirks, etc. I mentioned how I always seem to feel awkward in a crowd. If I’m in front of a crowd, I’m okay. One on one I do well. But at a party or some other social event…wow, I don’t like it. I feel so out of place I am when I’m not in my place! My friend affirmed me by saying he’d noticed that, but then he laughed and reminded me that it is okay for us to be who we are even if that means feeling out of place in a crowd.

Are there places in your life that you wish you were different? What are they? If you want to do more than just wish, here are two suggestions. First, change what you can. Doing so may include repenting of any sin that has grown up around a particular problem area. I don’t want to say too much on this point, but it may help to think along the lines of pride issues, stubbornness, defensiveness—you get the idea. Secondly, understand that the places where you are just you being “you” are God’s unique stamp on your personality. They are to be accepted as such, with thanksgiving. God made you this way, He accepts you as you are, so it’s okay for you to accept you as you are. This may take time and prayer, but the result is you experiencing the freedom to be who God made you to be, doing what God made you to do. This is what is known as “contentment.”

Father, thank You that You accept me for who I am. You actually made me to be who I am. Help me to be more me and thus honor You.

Take Your Next Step,

Dr. L. Douglas Dorman

Airing out the laundry

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